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About Us

A pooled trust, the Berks Community Trust maintains separate trust accounts for each of its beneficiaries. Through collective investment of trust assets, administrative costs are kept to a minimum. Basic trust provisions are set forth in the master trust agreement and customized for each beneficiary through an instrument of adoption signed by the person setting up a trust account.

We are a third party pooled trust. This means we only accept contributions from third parties for the benefit of beneficiaries with special needs. We do not accept contributions directly from the assets of the beneficiaries. Special needs trusts funded with a beneficiary's own assets are called first party special needs trusts. If you'd like to set up that kind of trust, we'd be happy to suggest other organizations that can help you.

The trust is managed by a board of trustees who volunteer their time to monitor the trust's investments and review requests for distributions for beneficiaries.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, learn about the beneficiary you want to assist, earn your trust and explain how we can help you.

To schedule an appoint please contact our administrative coordinator.

Our Administrative Coordinator:

Pamela Blumer

(610) 401-4567